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somewhere along the way i took a deep drink from the cup of wanderlust, and i've been thirsty ever since

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8 September 14

California, a time-lapse video by Hal Bergman

Beautiful HD video showing some of the most stunning parts of California (although I find it hard to say cities and manmade structures are stunning). This video took over 4 years to make. Happy to say I’ve been to most of the locations used, and in the area of the ones I haven’t been to proper. I’m surprised the photographer didn’t include any redwoods or giant sequoias… but I am impressed that he showed Onyx and Weldon, two tiny little towns (barely) that I just happened to drive through between the office and the wilderness while I was interning at the BLM.

Full list of locations used:
Alabama Hills
Big Sur
Bombay Beach
Death Valley National Park
Inyo National Forest
Joshua Tree
Lake Tahoe
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Mono Lake South Tufa Reserve
Mount Shasta
Owens Lake
San Diego
San Francisco
San Luis Obispo
Santa Monica
Sequoia National Forest
Yosemite National Park

24 August 14

I just experienced what I think was my first earthquake… just a little rocking for a few seconds, but man was it disconcerting… Like nothing I’ve ever felt before (except the simulation at the California Academy of Sciences I suppose). I can finally say I’ve felt one now, after living in CA for about two years now!

Posted: 1:30 AM

Modest Mouse - Missed The Boat

Favorite MM song.


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23 August 14

Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Artistic Piano Interpretation)

I love the piano so much.


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2 August 14


Nym - Lesser Known Good

Neat beats.

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Posted: 8:08 PM

Nym - Seven Hills

Dat percussion.

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4 February 14
Maldives beach becomes sea of stars thanks to bioluminescent phytoplankton
So pretty and magical. I’d love see this someday.

Maldives beach becomes sea of stars thanks to bioluminescent phytoplankton

So pretty and magical. I’d love see this someday.

25 January 14

Vetiver - Wonder Why

Glad I rediscovered this band. Also found out they’re from SF, and the sound of their latest album, The Errant Charm (which this track is from), was inspired by one of the main members’ walks around the Richmond District. Cool.

24 January 14

I don’t know if you can see the changes that have come over me
In these last few days I’ve been afraid that I might drift away
So I’ve been telling old stories, singing songs that make me think about where I came from
And that’s the reason why I seem so far away today

Dougie MacLean - Caledonia

One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

12 January 14
30 December 13

"Petrified Life" by Anneliese Possberg

Stunning time-lapse photography of some of my favorite landscapes in the world, the American southwest. Mind bogglingly beautiful. Makes me want to sleep under the stars again.

29 December 13

Ridiculous list of my travels (for my own sake, good luck following)

I’m quite amazed (and impressed) when I think about my travels over the last 3 months or so - that is, since I finished hiking the Appalachian Trail (that was quite a bit of traveling in and of itself). For no other reason than to record it for myself so I don’t forget, because it’s funny/mind boggling to me, I’ve outlined the places I’ve been and how I’ve gotten around since finishing the AT up to now. I don’t expect anyone to follow this, unless you’ve been talking with me almost daily, because sometimes these adventures just happened spontaneously, like overnight, because my plans would change or whatever. I want to make a visual of this on a map and on a calendar, too (again, for myself, because I’m a very visual person).

I like this list because it also inspires me to keep adding to it. I mean, I figure one day I’ll probably get a job, and a place to call home for some time. And I’m looking forward to that day. But I’ve enjoyed the homeless/”funemployed”/vagrant lifestyle I’ve lived the last three months. I’ve gotten to hang out with some of my favorite friends, I’ve seen some beautiful places, I’ve gotten around on my own and with the help of some super helpful people, and been hosted by amazingly gracious friends and strangers (hence their names in bold), I haven’t paid any rent (places I’ve stayed for free also in bold), and recently I’ve actually been paid to live in some people’s really nice homes. I could go on and on about both the advantages and disadvantages - needless to say, the last few months have given me loads of perspective. But I will cut myself off from rambling further.

If you’re actually curious about any of these thoughts/adventures/places, by all means, don’t hesitate to ask, no matter who you are. Seriously. I love sharing my stories… and yes, I have a lot of them.


  • end of AT: Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park
  • hitchhiked w/Brain Damage through Maine: Millinocket → Medway → Bangor → Newport → Portland → Sunny’s house, Kittery, ME
  • 3 days in Kittery


  • ride from Sunny → Portsmouth, NH


  • bus Portsmouth → Vanessa’s, Cambridge, MA
  • 2 days in Boston/Cambridge


  • Craigslist ride (ridiculous woman and dog) Boston → Alexis/Doug’s, Ithaca, NY
  • 4 days in Ithaca with many friends, and my birthday :)


  • bus Ithaca → my parents’ house, Conowingo, MD
  • 2 days @ home


  • plane Philly → LAX, Los Angeles, CA
  • bus/train LAX → San Bernardino
  • ride from Katie San Bernardino → Katie’s, Angelus Oaks
  • 1 night @ Katie’s
  • drove with Katie → Katie’s friend Rosie’s, Berkeley via Bakersfield to pick up Will
  • 2 days in SF/Berkeley for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass with Katie, Will, Nancy, John, Rachel, and associated friends
  • 1 night @ Katie’s friend Danny’s, Berkeley
  • drove Berkeley → Katie’s, Angelus Oaks via CA Highway 1/Big Sur/San Luis Obispo
  • 8 days @ Katie’s
  • biked Katie’s → Catch 22’s, Whittier (~80 miles)
  • 1 night @ Catch’s
  • 1 night camping at Crystal Cove State Park with Catch
  • ride from Catch → Ventura
  • biked Ventura → Gaviota State Park, Goleta (~70 miles)
  • 1 night camping @ Gaviota SP
  • biked Gaviota SP → Evan’s, San Luis Obispo (~85 miles)
  • 2 days in SLO with Evan, Laura, Jena, Mike, and Izzy
  • Craigslist ride SLO → San Mateo
  • biked San Mateo → Marin Headlands, Sausalito (~30 miles)
  • 1 night camping @ Marin Headlands
  • biked Marin Headlands → San Francisco via Sausalito (~18 miles)
  • BART San Francisco → Rachel’s, Oakland
  • 2 days in Oakland
  • ride from Rachel Oakland → Yosemite National Park
  • 2 days in Yosemite with Rachel, Nancy, and Lara
  • ride from Lara Yosemite → Nancy’s, Sonora
  • 5 days @ Nancy’s
  • drove Kim from Sonora to San Francisco airport → drove back to Sonora
  • 1 night @ Nancy's
  • 1 day hiking Leavitt Peak with Nancy and Johnny, camped @ Buckeye Hot Spring near Bridgeport
  • 1 night @ Nancy's
  • picked up Kim from SFO → ride from Kim SFO → Marin Headlands, Sausalito
  • 1 night camping @ Marin Headlands
  • biked Marin Headlands → Pacifica via Sausalito (~30 miles)
  • rescue ride from Rachel Pacifica → Oakland
  • crazy midnight Craigslist ride Oakland → my ride's place (I forget her name unfortunately, but she was very kind.. and interesting), Los Angeles
  • 1 night @ my ride’s
  • 1 day/night in LA/@ Catch’s, Whittier
  • ride from Catch’s dad Whittier → Redlands
  • ride from someone who works with Katie Redlands → Katie’s, Angelus Oaks
  • 2 nights @ Katie’s
  • drove Angelus Oaks → Pinnacles National Park via Gaviota Hot Springs
  • 1 night stealth sleeping in my car @ Pinnacles
  • 1 day hiking around Pinnacles, drove Pinnacles → Half Moon Bay via Santa Cruz to hang out/ride bikes with Rachel
  • 1 night stealth sleeping in my car @ Half Moon Bay


  • drove Half Moon Bay → San Francisco to begin working as a bike courier for Postmates
  • 2 nights (?) stealth sleeping in my car, SF
  • ~8 nights @ Danny’s, Outer Sunset, SF
  • 1 night stealth camping @ Marin Headlands with Andrew
  • 1 night @ Danny’s, Outer Sunset, SF
  • 5 days house/cat sitting @ Jen/Josh’s, Inner Sunset, SF
  • 1 night @ Danny’s
  • 28 days house/pet sitting @ Jannick/Gary’s, the Boardwalk, Larkspur, Marin County
  • CURRENTLY house/dog sitting @ Claudia’s until Jan. 7 (10 days), Fairfax, Marin County
  • NEXT: Good question..
20 December 13
18 December 13

Portugal. The Man - Modern Jesus

Been listening to these guys a lot lately.

6 December 13

absolutely hilarious

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh